Monday, January 30, 2017


I do not think I am alone in thinking 2016 was a terrible year.  There were lots of celebrity deaths and lots of other problems.  I had a family member die, a family member diagnosed with cancer.  Then there was the terrible awful that was November.  I have been slowly recovering from that horrendous day and am moving on but it is slow and difficult.

A brief history
I grew up in a house with republican mother and a democrat father.  Politics were not discussed much at all.  Then came Bill Clinton and neither parent could get behind him so they started looking for alternates.  When I was in high school some billion years ago, I was in an advanced Citizenship Issues class.  In the class with me were the head of the Teenage Republicans and the Young Democrats.  I was always the person called on as the voice of the middle.  I suppose the middle is where I belong (I am a Libra after all).  I have often joked that I am the most liberal Republican or the most conservative Democrat you might know.  I have volunteered for the Independent candidate and the Democrat alike.  I have voted for the candidate and not the party for years.

To November
This year I volunteered for the Democratic Party.  I am not embarrassed or ashamed of it.  I only wish I could have done more.  I was so excited for the election I rushed home from work, made dinner, fed the dog, put on my jammies and jumped in bed in front of the TV to watch.  I was so appalled and nauseated that I went to bed by 8pm before the election had been called.   I have never been so ashamed to be surrounded by so many people with ugly hearts.  I have unfriended several people on Facebook and am outright ignoring people I should not.  I do understand people that are afraid of women in power.  Do I understand why?  HELL NO but I understand that they exist.  I understand that there are those people that were afraid of the status quo.  However what I do not, and will NEVER understand is that of the two major party nominees, why would you vote for a narcissistic sex offender? OR vote for someone who has no chance to defeat said sex offender.
Well, now those people have put the narcissist in the White House.

In the one week he has been in office, there has been talk of succession from 3 states, multiple rallies and today the crem de le crem...a screening of Finding Dory.  WOW What a good choice the minority of this country has made.

Since November I have been in a bit of depression.  I am trying to get out.  I have decided I need to get out of this funk.  I am back to writing and watching my shows and movies.  I am playing video games again.  I have made the conscious decision to avoid  much of the daily news and to try and become happy again.  I will not get over it and if another person tells me to do so, I will take myself out of their life.  I do not want to be around people who think the behavior of this narcissist is ok and his policies are good for the country I love.

Happier times

Have you ever played The Adventures of Link, Zelda II?  I have not played it since I was a kid.  Holy bananas it is difficult in places.  Lots of things I did not remember and some things I remembered perfectly.  Crazy how things work like that.  Now I am off to catch up on the last two episodes of Gotham.  Goodnight.